Family Portraits in Austin & Round Rock

Jennifer Polson specializes in family portrait photography sessions in the Austin and Round Rock areas. Jennifer’s family portrait sessions are available at her in-home studio located in Round Rock, or at any on site location. Call today an book your family portrait session in advance.

Where is the best place to take family portraits?

The Austin and Round Rock areas are full of great locations to take your family portraits! The most important thing is picking a location that fits your family’s style. The Austin and Round Rock areas both have a great mix of urban and countryside options perfect for your family portraits. If you have a location that you would love to have your portraits taken just let me know. If you need a little help, I’m happy to make suggestions. Feel free to check out my family portraits gallery for some ideas.

What should my family wear for our family portraits?

I always recommend that my clients coordinate their outfits. Keep in mind that “coordination” and “matching” are NOT the same thing. I suggest that you pick one outfit to be the focal point of the family portrait. This often times is one of the females in the family. This item of clothing can be a pattern but I suggest that it be the only one. All other outfits should pull from this one outfit so that they avoid clashing. I normally suggest that your family portrait should work within a single color scheme. I also recommend that you stay away from any clothing that has obvious branding or logos, characters or graphics. These all have a tendency to be a bit distracting and take away from the professional look of your family portrait. Do your best to pick outfits that avoid extreme trends that might be outdated soon. I want your family portrait to be beautiful and timeless so that you can display it 40 years from now and still be proud.

Should I bring anything for our family portraits?

Props are always a fun addition to family portraits. It’s important to remember to keep the props simple. The best kind of photography prop is something that is simple yet meaningful. The prop shouldn’t become a distraction to your family portrait; it should instead blend in with the theme of your portrait. Some good ideas for simple props would be: vintage bikes or furniture, ladders, buckets, family pets, quilts or other simple sentimental items. I have a selection of simple props that I use for family portraits. I’m happy to use them for your family portrait if they match your theme.

How long does a family portrait session last?

Generally your family portrait shouldn’t take longer than an hour. I try to make sure that we get everything you could possibly want packed into 60 minutes or less. After that, it gets pretty difficult to keep small children engaged and happy.

How long will it take to get our family portraits back?

My goal is to have all of your family portrait images posted to a private online gallery within 24 hours. You’ll then select the images that you would like to have and then I will take your selected images and begin the editing process. The portrait editing process normally takes me about two weeks. At that point I will have a disk of your edited family portrait photos ready for you to pick up. I can also ship the images to you via mail for an additional fee.

How far in advance should I book a family portrait session?

I suggest booking between 1-2 months before you plan on having your family portraits taken. This will help me make sure that I’m available on the date you want.

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Jennifer Polson Photography specializes in family portrait sessions in the Round Rock, Austin, Cedar Park, Georgetown and Pflugerville areas of Austin. Contact me today to book a session or to ask additional questions.