Maternity Portraits & Pregnancy Pictures in Round Rock

Jennifer Polson specializes in Maternity Portrait Photography sessions in the Austin and Round Rock areas. Maternity portrait sessions are available in my in-home studio located in Round Rock, Texas or in your own home. Maternity portrait sessions work the very best when they are taken in the late second or early third trimester of your pregnancy. So call today and book your maternity portrait session today.

When is the best time to get maternity portraits?

Normally I recommend that you plan to have your maternity photos taken around the late second to early third trimester of your pregnancy. The portraits always seem to look their best when you’re still comfortable but your beautiful belly is clearly visible. If the maternity photo session is taken to early your tummy may not be as visible as it could be.  Keep in mind that every pregnancy is unique and you should make the decision that you feel works best for you.

What should I wear for my maternity portrait session?

When you’re getting ready for your maternity photos and you’re picking your outfits, my suggestion is just to pick something that makes you feel great about yourself. Pick something that you’re comfortable in and that flatters that baby bump. Another suggestion is to steer clear of busy or bold patterns that can be a bit distracting. Keep it simple.

What do I need to bring to my maternity portrait session?

When preparing yourself for a maternity photo session I suggest that you bring 1-2 outfits. Many clients of mine have enjoyed bringing along fun maternity props. Baby shoes, sonograms, toys and pink or blue balloons are always fun too!

Where should I take my maternity portraits? In a studio or outdoors?

Many soon to be mommies have trouble deciding where they want to have their maternity photos taken, in studio or on location? In my experience there are unique benefits to both in studio and outdoor maternity portraits. In studio maternity portraits are great because you are in a controlled environment. You don’t have to battle with any of mother natures picture day ruining elements. No sun, no wind and no rain. Studio maternity shoots are also much more private, especially if you plan on showing off that baby bump. On location maternity portraits also have their benefits. Location shoots can allow you to express your unique style. On location maternity pictures can also be taken out in the country or in the city. Being outside also allows you to get a lot of different types of shots unlike being in the studio.

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Jennifer Polson Photography specializes in maternity portrait sessions in the Round Rock, Austin, Cedar Park, Georgetown and Pflugerville areas of Austin. Contact me today to book a session or to ask additional questions.

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