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Jennifer Polson specializes in Newborn Portrait Photography sessions in the Austin and Round Rock areas. Jennifer’s Newborn portrait sessions are available at her in-home studio located in Round Rock, Texas or in your own home. Newborn portrait sessions are most successful when captured in the first ten days of your baby’s life. So call today and book your Newborn Portrait session in advance. 

How old should my baby be for a newborn portrait session?

For my studio newborn portrait sessions the best age to shoot is between 5-10 days old. When newborns are this age they still spend most of their time sleeping.  This allows us to put them in fun poses just like the positions they were in when they were in your womb. When your little one gets a couple weeks old they will go through a little growth spurt. At this point, your baby will start to become a little wigglier and probably won’t be sleeping as much as they did a couple days earlier. In order to pose your baby and use fun photo props like buckets and baskets we’ll need your little baby to be brand new.

How far in advance should I book a newborn portrait session?

For my newborn portrait sessions it works best if you book 1-2 months before you’re due to give birth, but the earlier you book the better.  I also specialize in maternity portraits, which are shot best safety in the middle of your third trimester.

How long does a newborn portrait session take?

Newborn portrait sessions can take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours depending on how sleepy your new baby is. This may seem like a really long time, but normally most of the newborn portrait session is spent feeding and rocking the baby to get him or her to sleep so we can mold them in to fun little poses.

What should my baby wear to a newborn portrait session?

Newborn portrait photography is normally done naked to capture the cuteness of being a brand new beautiful baby.  If you happen to have a sentimental article of clothing that you want your newborn to model, it’s always best if it’s something that can easily be put on and taken off so that we don’t disturb your baby’s sleepiness. Some good items to bring to your newborn baby’s portrait session are diapers and wet wipes, pacifier, clothing for you if you’ll be taking a picture with your baby. Remember to bring a bottle of formula/milk if you are not breastfeeding. You can also bring any special items (blankets, toys, sentimental item) that you wish to be a part of the newborn session.

Do I need to bring my own props to the newborn portrait session?

You’re more than welcome to bring any items or props to your newborn’s photo session. However, at my studio I have several background, flooring, buckets, bows and basket options. I’m confident that I’ll have a prop and item selection that you’ll love. Once again, if you have anything you love or have sentimental value that you want in your portrait session I’m absolutely willing to accommodate.

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Jennifer Polson Photography specializes in newborn portrait photography sessions in the Round Rock, Austin, Cedar Park, Georgetown and Pflugerville areas of Austin. Contact me today to book a session or to ask additional questions.

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